From Claude de Picques to Etienne Baluze to John Roland Abbey to the UvA, and some others in between

Continuing work on special bindings.

Band 2 C 2

Bound by Claude de Picques ca. 1555

Bartolomeo Marliani, Urbis Romae topographia. Colophon: Romanae: in aedibus Valerij, dorici & Aloisij fratris, 1544. Folio. UvA OTM: Band 2 C 2

This book was one of the estimated 11.000(!) printed works owned by Etienne Baluze upon his death in 1719, and one of a three day sale of John Roland Abbey’s library at Sotheby’s in 1965. Now rightfully cherished as one of the ca.100 beautifully bound 16th century works owned by the University of Amsterdam.

Bibliotheca Baluziana; seu catalogus librorum bibliothecae V. Cl. D. Steph. Baluzii Tutelensis. Parisiis: Apud Gabrielum Martin et Joannim Boudot, 1719. Cat. no. 981.

Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and Fine Bindings from the Celebrated Collection the Property of Major J.R. Abbey. Sotheby’s & Co. 21-22-23 June 1965. Lot no. 469.


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